Osminine's Polar Phantom




INT & AM & RUS & EST & FIN & LT & LV & BALT Ch,
BALTW-07, LTW-08
Glen Iris Evian D'Castile

Heartland's Too Close to Call

AM & CAN Ch Jolvin Cyber Space Warrior

Ch Chinadoll's Terminator

Ch Chinadoll's Sudden Impact

Bavanew's Eternity

CAN Ch Jolvin's Pieces of Eight

Ch Heartland's Special Treasure

Jolvin's Golden Rainbow

Star Haven's Christmas Cache

Star Haven Race To Glory

Am&Can Ch Rock N Tradition of Oakridge

Star Haven's Glory Michelle

Star Haven's Medicine Dance

Am Ch Star Haven's Rock N James Brown

Star Haven's Medecine Heart

AM Ch Glen Iris Castle
in the Sky
AM Ch Glen Iris Castle Rock

AM Ch Glen Iris Ivanhoe

Ch Mee-Gee's Masterpiece CD

Cherokee's Autumn Orange

AM Ch Tim Sue's Evening Lights

Ch Chriscendo City Lights

Tim Sue's Brass Idy

Thistle Magic Kira of Glen Iris

AM Ch Glen Iris Dances With Wolves

Am Ch Glen Iris Luckdragon

Ch Tim Sue's Sparkling Lights

Eastwyck's Wednesday

Ch Tim Sue's Electric Lights

Eastwyck's Man-D Of Avalon

Showcase Dance With Me

CH Pominique That's All Folks

CH Am., Can. Foxworth Fanfare

CH Rock N Tradition Of Oakridge ROMS

CH Millamor's Mark Tradition

Rock Dancer's Little Rock

Foxworth Fantasia

CH Chriscendo Calvin Klein

Emcee's Chriscendo Catarina

Pominique Black Hills Gold

CH Pominique Chasing Tatonka

CH Sun-Dot's Pominique Star Chaser

Archer's Mariah Carey

Finch's Magic Moonshine

CH Finch's The Legend Continues

Finch's Flash Back

CH Showcase
Last Dance

Finch's He Walks On Water

Finch's Born Sweet Scottie

CH Jo-Ai Echo's Pride

Lucky Pups Queen O'Hearts

Finch's Ambrosa Mystery

Doo-Shay's Mistic Macgyver

Wee Heart's Total Eclipse

Showcase Charmed
I'm Sure

Pominique N Nobles Dark Vader ROM

BISA BISS CH Finch's He Walks On Water

CH Sun-Dot's Galactic Dream

Kilpatricks Wee Miss Charmer

Emcee's Shaws Wee Sunny

Chriscendo Certain Style


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